Vol. 3 No. 1 (2019): Energy Efficiency and Built Environment in Developing Countries
Energy Efficiency and Built Environment in Developing Countries
This issue includes proceedings from the conference "Improving Sustainability Concept In Developing Countries – 2nd Edition" and the conference "Alternative & Renewable Energy Quest". This issue includes researches discussing the different concepts and suggestions to improve the sustainability within the developing countries, as well as discussing the renewable energy ways to be used in the future. This would lead to less pollution and having a more sustainable environment.

Research Papers

Ahmed Mohamed Yousef Toutou
1 - 13
Parametric Approach for Multi-Objective Optimization for Daylighting and Energy Consumption in Early Stage Design of Office Tower in New Administrative Capital City of Egypt
Amir Ghoreishi
14 - 26
The Effects of Exterior Thermal Mass (eTM) on Energy Consumption in Residential Buildings
Ayman K. Abdelgadir, Omer A. Abu Elzein, Faris Hameed
27 - 37
Social Priorities of Less Developed Countries Sustainable Housing (Case of Sudan)
Hailana Ben Ali
38 - 51
Rebuilding Libya a Bird’s Eye View
Hala Abdelmoez Mohamed
52 - 62
Towards Zero-Energy Housing in Egypt
Hammam Ahmed Hammam Al Kezmazy
63 - 71
A New Concept Towards Addressing Our Pressing Development Issues through Innovation, Sustainability, and Social Entrepreneurship
Heba Hassan, Ahmed Mohamed El Kotory
72 - 84
A Discussion of the Application’s Possibility of the Earth-Sheltered Building Type in Egypt: Implementation Guidelines
Koorosh Gharehbaghi, Maged Georgy
85 - 94
Sustainable Construction by Means of Improved Material Selection Process
Mario Fernando Restrepo Alvarez, Alejandro Vasquez-Hernandez
95 - 114
Evaluation of Buildings in Real Conditions of Use as a Sustainability Criterion
Moureen Asaad, Marwa Khalifa, Ahmed S. Abd Elrahman
115 - 135
Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice in the Urban Design Process: Towards a Multi-disciplinary Approach
Ruwaa Bahgat, Rabee M. Reffat, Shawkat L. Elkady
136 - 152
Energy Efficiency Design Guide for Optimal Urban Features of Open Spaces in Residential Complexes
Samah M. El-khateeb
153 - 166
Sustainable Neighborhoods in Arab world; a Path Towards Sustainability
Yasmine Kamal Aouf
167 - 181
Sustainable Urban Regeneration of Public Realm in Historical Cities Centers
Eslam Ahmed
182 - 186
Sustainable Energy in the Middle East
Ghada Bilal
187 - 198
Study the Control of Nutrients Removal from Wastewater by Using Local Plants in Constructed Wetlands as Tertiary Treatment
Hussein Al-Taani, Mohammad Al-Addous, Zakariya Dalalah, Aiman Albatayneh, Nabil Ayoub
199 - 204
A Simplified Model for the Estimation of Solar Cell Efficiency Based on the Air Mass Effect
Mahmoud M. Abdelrahman, Ahmed Mohamed Yousef Toutou
205 - 213
[ANT]: A Machine Learning Approach for Building Performance Simulation: Methods and Development
Mohammad Al-Addous, Firas Alawneh, Zakariya Dalalah, Christina B. Class, Hussein Al-Taani
214 - 221
Design and Implementation of Water Desalination System (RO) Using Renewable Energy Source
Randa Galal Hussein Ali
222 - 239
Overall Framework of the Foundations and Pillars of Sustainable Development for Local Communities
Syarifah Ismailiyah Al Athas
240 - 247
Optimization Study of Parametric Thermal Bimetal Material Module for Green Building in Tropical Humid Climate
Zakariya M. Dalala, Zaid S. Hamdan, Hussein Al-Taani, Mohammad Al-Addous, Aiman Albatayneh
248 - 259
Battery Charging Application with Thermoelectric Generators as Energy Harvesters
Farres Yasser
260 - 275
Informal Settlements Sustainable Development: Comfort Level Enhancements through the Micro-Scale Intervention, Metamorphic Shutters, and Its Effect on the Built Environment of Cairo