This issue includes proceedings from the conference "Improving Sustainability Concept In Developing Countries – 2nd Edition" and the conference "Alternative & Renewable Energy Quest". This issue includes researches discussing the different concepts and suggestions to improve the sustainability within the developing countries, as well as discussing the renewable energy ways to be used in the future. This would lead to less pollution and having a more sustainable environment.


Published: 2019-02-07

Social Priorities of Less Developed Countries Sustainable Housing (Case of Sudan)

Ayman K. Abdelgadir, Omer A. Abu Elzein, Faris Hameed

27 - 37

Towards Zero-Energy Housing in Egypt

Hala Abdelmoez Mohamed

52 - 62

Evaluation of Buildings in Real Conditions of Use as a Sustainability Criterion

Mario Fernando Restrepo Alvarez, Alejandro Vasquez-Hernandez

95 - 114

A Simplified Model for the Estimation of Solar Cell Efficiency Based on the Air Mass Effect

Hussein Al-Taani, Mohammad Al-Addous, Zakariya Dalalah, Aiman Albatayneh, Nabil Ayoub

199 - 204

Design and Implementation of Water Desalination System (RO) Using Renewable Energy Source

Mohammad Al-Addous, Firas Alawneh, Zakariya Dalalah, Christina B. Class, Hussein Al-Taani

214 - 221

Battery Charging Application with Thermoelectric Generators as Energy Harvesters

Zakariya M. Dalala, Zaid S. Hamdan, Hussein Al-Taani, Mohammad Al-Addous, Aiman Albatayneh

248 - 259