Design and Implementation of Water Desalination System (RO) Using Renewable Energy Source

Mohammad Al-Addous, Firas Alawneh, Zakariya Dalalah, Christina B. Class, Hussein Al-Taani
The shortage of sufficient available fresh water resources in Jordan to meet water needs forces the nation to look for new water supply sources also to meet the increasing demand for fresh water. In this manuscript, a case study for designing, optimizing and implementing an off-grid water desalination system using photovoltaic (PV) power generation system is introduced. The system is installed on a farm in Southern Ghore of Jordan valley where
the access to the grid is not reliable enough to guarantee the desalination of the amount of water for the farm’s irrigation needs. The study offers a framework to aid in designing similar pilot plants where the classic power generation prediction is greatly affected by the environmental conditions.
An off-grid PV system with a total nominal power of 10.4 kWp was designed, procured and installed in the southern part of Jordan Valley near Karma town. The system operates the pumping system as well as the reverse osmosis based desalination unit. A measurement system has been collection relevant data like temperature, radiation, voltage, current, water quality, pressure, etc. continuously for the last 4 years.
In this paper we will present the sizing procedure used, the system design and evaluate the design using the collected data of the run-time of 4 years. Data about the water quality and amount of desalinated water will equally be used to evaluate the system. The paper will end with recommendations to adapt the system design in different part of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.
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