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The upcoming issue in ARChive will include proceedings from the conference "Alternative & Renewable Energy Quest in Architecture and Urbanism (AREQ)". The conference will be held from the 7th to the 9th of October, 2019. 

Submit your paper now to get it published as a conference proceeding. 

Some of the conference topics are:

1. Renewable Energy Harvesting and Biophysical Matrix
2. Production of Alternative Energy Sources and Thermal Application
3. Biomass Utilization and Conversion
4. Solar, Wind Energy, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Applications
5. Renewable Energy Production at Community Scale
6. Wind Turbines’ Energies and Grid of Interactive Systems
7. City Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Distribution
8. Heat Island Effect and Heat Exchange with Building Envelope
9. Planning for Facing the Global Warming and the Hazard of Gas Emission
10. Modelling Energy Flow and District Performance Simulation
11. Energy Management and System in The City Scale
12. Governmental Plans for Future Regarding Alternative Solutions to the Suffering of Energy


Submit your paper before the 9th of July 2019

Posted : 2019-06-18
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