Dr Nabil Mohareb, PhD,

Associate professor, Department of Architecture, School of Sciences and Engineering (SSE), American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt.

He has more than eight years of administrative experience as the Director of the Faculty branch of Architecture- Design & Built Environment in a newly established branch in Tripoli campus, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon.

His research focuses on the relationship between architecture and urbanism. He is interested in social behaviour activities, their mutual effect on both spatial and economic variables in urban spaces, and their interrelationship with architectural design using digital simulation in forecasting their movements and behaviour.

He has developed and planned an area of personal research, which is reflected in his several published papers in refereed journals and international refereed conferences, in addition to the work of his postgraduate students.

Dr. Nabil has participated in a number of funded research projects related to understanding social behaviour activities.
With regards to his teaching experience, Dr. Nabil has worked for a number of distinguished universities in Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. Over the past eighteen years of teaching experience, He has gained an understanding of dealing with multinational and multicultural environments.

Recently, He has been using the ‘Design-Build’ method in post-graduate design studios to involve the students more with the construction industry (digitally and traditionally).