Overall Framework of the Foundations and Pillars of Sustainable Development for Local Communities

Randa Galal Hussein Ali (1)
(1) Associate Professor, Regional Urban Development Department, Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning, Cairo University, Egypt, Egypt


Egypt as a developing country aims to promote sustainability among its various sectors. Noticing the need for promoting better life among local communities, as the corner stone for promoting sustainable development, the government has initiated a number of private and public attempts that aimed for utilizing the local communities as a catalyst for promoting sustainability. After 3 decades of real attempts for promoting local sustainability approaches most of the attempts has failed to achieve its objectives. The research aims to introduce an innovative practical approach that would have the ability to overcome the defined deficiencies of the existing approaches and to practically promote sustainability among local communities. The research methodology will depend on an analytical comparative analysis of the existing sustainability local communities frameworks based on which the deficiency and contributions of the current situation can be defined. Then based on theoretical analysis the research is to innovate and introduce a new approach for promoting local sustainable communities, ’Foundation and Pillars for Sustainable local communities’ (FPSLC). The developed framework was then applied to Damietta Governorate as a case study where it was tested and proven. The research developed frame work is requested by the development agencies in Egypt to enable the achievement outputs and result of this research can be summarized in the formulation of the conceptual framework for sustainable development and mechanisms leading to realizing self sufficiency within the competitive industries through the introduced pillars of development.

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Randa Galal Hussein Ali
[email protected] (Primary Contact)
Ali, R. G. H. (2019). Overall Framework of the Foundations and Pillars of Sustainable Development for Local Communities. ARCHive-SR, 3(1), 222–239. https://doi.org/10.21625/archive.v3i1.444

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