A New Concept Towards Addressing Our Pressing Development Issues through Innovation, Sustainability, and Social Entrepreneurship

Hammam Ahmed Hammam Al Kezmazy
Nowadays, not only in Egypt but also globally, the job for life is no longer the norm[1]. For this reason innovation became a must; not just a luxury or something that people or countries can deal with as a source of boasting or showing. Thus, and in order to promote sustainability concept through innovation, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship, this paper suggests some recommendations and introduces some solutions which can help in achieving and getting the most possible outputs and deliverable from the challenges are faced every day. It also proposes a new concept regarding the social entrepreneurship, social problems and development projects; e.g.
infrastructure issues.
The concept assumes that we have to go through three different ways in parallel when solving our pressing problems. These ways include the benefit from: our previous experiences, others’ successful applied projects, and the continuous follow-up of new technologies under development. Also, it addresses how those three elements can
be connected in a sustainable way which ensures the sustainability and the effectiveness of improving them at the same time. In addition, it gives one or more examples in each channel to clarify the situation. Besides, the paper introduces some recommendations such as launching innovation & social entrepreneurship hubs, holding conferences & competitions and supporting R&D projects in order to promote our situation and consolidate our experiences.
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