Vol. 3 No. 2 (2019): Recent Studies in Urban Sustainability and Future Cities' Planning
Recent Studies in Urban Sustainability and Future Cities' Planning
This issue contains conference proceedings from the conferences: Future Smart Cities (First Edition), Urban Regeneration and Sustainability (First Edition), Urban Transit and Sustainable Networks (First Edition), and Urban Planning and Architectural Design for Sustainable Development (Third Edition).

Research Papers

Hend H. Yassin
1 - 13
Pedestrianization through Tactic
Hasan Tastan
14 - 25
The Role of Climate on Residential Architecture and Living Culture: an Example of Gaziantep
Karthikeyan Kandasamyhariramguptha
26 - 37
Socio-economic Impact of Unsystematic Mine Closure: A case of Kolar Gold Fields
Mohammad Refaat Mohammad Abdelaal, Islam Sallam
38 - 47
Green Economy Themes: Pathway to Sustainable Urban Development
Mostafa El-Nagdy, Hossam El-borombaly, Laila Khodeir
48 - 67
Management Framework for Land Based Financing in Egyptian New Cities based on the Chinese Model
Ahmed Abunazel, Yasmin Hammad, Mohamed Abd AlAziz, Essam Gouda, Wagdy Anis
68 - 89
Quality of Life Indicators in Sustainable Urban Areas
Ghadeer Alawi, Lobna Mostafa
90 - 105
Users’ Satisfaction in CityWaterfront: The Case of Jeddah Corniche
Francisco Jose Chamizo Nieto, Nuria Nebot Gomez de Salazar, Carlos J. Rosa-Jimenez
106 - 118
New Challenges for a Collaborative Urban Planning: Digital Platform for Promoting Relationship Between Local Administration and Citizens in the City of Malaga
Marta Cornax Martın, Nuria Nebot Gomez de Salazar, Ana Luque Gil, Carlos Rosa-Jimenez
119 - 130
How New Technologies Can Promote an Active and Healthy City. Digital Platform to Identify Areas of Informal Sport Practice in the City of Malaga
Riam Mohamed Elsagher Mahmod Elmorshedy
131 - 145
Spatial Assessment for Open Spaces in Residential Areas: Case of Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt
Sana Malik, Ruhizal Roosli, Fariha Tariq, Muhammad Salman
146 - 159
Land Tenure Security and Resident’s Stability in Squatter Settlements of Lahore
Haitham Samir
160 - 177
Applying the Cultural District Concept as an Approach for Boosting Future Development of Cairo City
Ashima Banker
178 - 185
Sustainable Urban Land Development
Deyala Tarawneh
186 - 198
Mobilising Youth Towards Building Smart Cities Through Social Entrepreneurship: Case of Amman, Jordan
Preyan Mehta
199 - 211
Democratically SmartWorld
Riam Mohamed Elsagher Mahmod Elmorshedy
212 - 231
Traffic Management in Residential Areas: Case Study the South District of Luxor City, Egypt
Tarek Mahmoud Yousry Hassan, Ahmed Abdel Hamid Abdel Rahim, Shimaa Abdil Wahab Mohammed
232 - 247
A New Vision for the Design Process of Sustainable Urban Transportation
Walid Fouad
248 - 268
Smart Parking as One of the Smart Cities Mechanisms
Youssef Abdelhakeem Elsayed
269 - 278
Urban Identity Formation in Light Characteristics of Future Cities
Laila M. Khodeir, Mohamed Nabawy
279 - 293
Identifying Opportunities and Challenges of Human Resources in Smart Development Projects in Egypt
Oleksandr Galychyn, Shqiprim Ahmeti, Kevser Ustundag
294 - 310
Organic Transportation Networks: Human-Oriented Renewal of Modern Megapolises