Democratically SmartWorld

Preyan Mehta (1)
(1) School of Design, Swarnim Startup & Innovation University, India, India


This paper discusses as to how the Human civilization has evolved over time, and how we already have become semi-humanoids. Living in the data driven society, we rely hugely on numbers and data, rationality and science (Lohr, 2013). Darwin postulated, and I paraphrase, complex organisms evolve out of the simplest ones, and the new, evolved and complex organisms evolve according to the natural selection and become better versions of yesterday (Ghiselin, 2013). This paper focusses on the development of a Universal system, which would help us solve all of the Global issues. Accordingly, this system proposes a Symbiotic relationship between the three major forces present on Earth- Humans, Nature and Technology. Currently, Humans have a Linear relationship with both of the forces. We are the Predators and Nature is the Prey. Because of this relationship, Human civilization have started to fear its own creations, which is reflected through what Prof. Stephen Hawking shared with BBC, “”...The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.... It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate.... Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.....”((Cellan-Jones, 2014)). The system proposed in this paper will be Democratic in nature, where all the three forces have an equal voice to speak. The symbiotic relationship will be based on a concept known as Mutualism,” where all species mutually share the limited resource increasing both species ’ chances of survival or reproduction” ((Wolfe, 2016)). Till date, the World has not seen the true form of the Democracy. Instead, have witnessed pseudo Democracies, where the power is handed over to the few after the elections and the citizens stay where they were before. Instead, a true Democracy translates into- “By the People, for the People” ((Maskanian, n.d.)). The system is based on the principle, that to maintain a balance between powers, one need not go to war with it. Instead, try and understand one simple concept- “All is one, one is all”((Kotsos, n.d.)). As small as this statement is, it explains the entire functioning of the world. This paper will conclude with answering to the question, “The Distant Utopia or a mere Mirage?” and will also try to lay down the fundamentals of how to make the World Smart and not just few Cities, comparing the World to an Organism and Cities with Organs.

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Preyan Mehta
[email protected] (Primary Contact)
Mehta, P. (2019). Democratically SmartWorld. The Academic Research Community Publication, 3(2), 199–211.

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