Land Tenure Security and Resident’s Stability in Squatter Settlements of Lahore

Sana Malik, Ruhizal Roosli, Fariha Tariq, Muhammad Salman

Squatters have now become integral part of urban centers in most developing countries like Pakistan, with Lahore experiencing growth of such informal settlements at its peak. A myriad of issues and challenges associated with economic, social, spatial, environmental and political contexts within squatters has become a great hindrance towards home improvement and better life style. Tenure security brings a sense of homeownership to socioeconomically disadvantaged households. Recently, promotion of increased security of tenure of all whether living in formal or informal settlements has been affirmed by New Urban Agenda of Habitat III. Therefore, it is need of the time to look into present tenure types of squatters being offered by the city to solve problem of housing backlog and to provide promote inclusivity ensuring healthy, affordable and sustainable environment for all inhabitants.
Proposed argument has got stronger foundation due to comparative analysis of squatter having secured land tenure with squatter of unsecure tenure. In this paper we explore that tenure security is one of the key factors which leads to resident’s stability, through case study approach by investigating two squatters based on their tenure types. The data collected through questionnaire will help us to identify other key factors associated with resident stability in squatters. Study reveals that limited secured tenure options and poor governance in present urban scenario projects as major obstacles in coping with urban sprawl and squatter settlements. Findings help us to understand the phenomena of inter-connection of land tenure security and residential stability of squatters in Lahore, suffering from housing shortage and informal settlements.

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