Palestinian Traditional Architecture and Methods in Designing Dwellings Case Study Old City of Hebron Case Study: Old City of Hebron

Wisam H. Shaded (1)
(1) Assistant Professor, Interior Architecture, Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine, Palestine, State of


This paper examines the components and elements of traditional Palestinian dwellings, focusing on those found in the historic district of Hebron. This area is renowned for its agricultural construction and peasant architecture. The study elucidates the formation of these dwellings and their structural, architectural, and constructional elements, as well as the materials employed in their construction. Moreover, this research delves into the history of Hebron, which serves as a vital resource for the study of the cultural history of Palestine, particularly within the context of Islamic civilization. It scrutinizes the urban development of the Arab city and draws parallels with various other Islamic cities, notably in terms of their primarily vernacular architecture, with formal architecture playing a limited role. The research adopts a descriptive, analytical, and documentary methodology to document these components through images and diagrams. It endeavors to address inquiries regarding the current condition and the pivotal elements that have contributed to the construction of traditional dwellings. The study underscores the substantial responsibility entrusted to society, institutions, and engineers for preserving these components during restoration or conservation endeavors. This can be achieved through a comprehensive examination of the authentic foundations of traditional vernacular construction in the city of Hebron.

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Wisam H. Shaded
Wisa[email protected] (Primary Contact)
Shaded, W. (2023). Palestinian Traditional Architecture and Methods in Designing Dwellings Case Study Old City of Hebron: Case Study: Old City of Hebron. The Academic Research Community Publication, 7(3), 48–65.

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Accepted 2023-10-19
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