Creatives have always pioneered the progress of nations by contributing invaluable developments. Creativity itself is the main element from which all discovery springs forth, for, without it, artistic expression and innovation would seize to exist. In this modern day and age, creativity is needed more than ever, to overcome hurdles and obstacles never before seen due to the rapid expansion of the human population and cities across the globe. Creativity plays an important role in the formation of cities as well, deciding whether they flourish and make way for innovation and discovery, or suppress their residents, assuredly hastening their demise.

The concept of sustainability has recently emerged to combat humanity’s ever-growing thirst for progress at the cost of its environment. It can be applied to all disciplines of human activity but is most direly needed in how cities operate. Modern cities are accountable for the bulk of the planet’s climate change issue. Cities are hubs of knowledge that aggregate the best minds of nations; however, they also erode natural environments and phenomena by relying on automobiles, aggressively expanding roads, and embracing industrialization rather than harmony with nature.

This issue of the ARChive journal discusses sustainability in creative industries, urban environments, and cities. The journal aggregates proceedings from IEREK conferences and showcases topics such as:

  • Innovation and Technology for Sustainable Design
  • Design Approaches for Sustainable Creative Industries
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries
  • Urban Design, Development, and Management
  • City Planning: Urbanization and Development
  • Art and Defining the City
Published: 2023-01-30

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