Sustainable Urban Regeneration of Public Realm in Historical Cities Centers

Yasmine Kamal Aouf
Sustainable development presents one of the most complex challenges in Egypt in particular of keeping up with the global march.
According to what Egypt possesses of original cultural spatial components, the need has necessitated taking care of the investments, but in a sustainable way in the historical cities centers where its possession of cultural spatial elements with high economic importance.
However, Egyptian historical centers have suffered from Degradation and dissipation of energies and capabilities resulting from the negligence of urban conservation projects, and its incompatibility with the ongoing social changes. The pathway taken by urban development have been considered as incomprehensive methods for all the levels of effect of the historical centers.These levels are the international, national and local levels with the Totalitarian goals for the city and the national economy which has been aimed at the methods of conservation of the urban in the domain of the historical area only. That narrow perspective hasn’t achieved an increase in economical and job opportunities, without relying on the attracting the investments and tourism that can achieve a change of the value of the targeted area from the actual value towards the highest probable value.
The historic core is considered as an attraction for the tourism activities but in the centers of the Egyptian cities, the public realms are the outcomes of the undersigned remaining realms. Therefore, they cannot perform their function as public spaces expressing the local character, as they are the center of social relations and cultural product.
The research paper has dealt with the Urban Regeneration of the public realm and analytical applied survey study on the heritage core of the city Rashid.
The research ends with a number of recommendations related to dealing with the basis of urban regeneration of the public realm.
Which have been applied on the historic core of Rasheed city.
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