Vol. 2 No. 4 (2018): Second Proceedings of Al Azhar’s 14th International Conference On: Engineering, Architecture and Technology
Second Proceedings of Al Azhar’s 14th International Conference On: Engineering, Architecture and Technology
This issue is the second of two proceedings of the papers presented in Al Azhar’s 14th International Conference On: Engineering, Architecture and Technology.

Research Papers

Sarah Mansour
265 - 277
Material’s Perception Strategy in Terms of Adaptive Re-use Within the Computational, and Parametricism Context
Hasan Şehmuz Haştemoğlu, Engin Kepenek
278 - 289
The Architecture of Mevlevi Buildings, One of the Dervish Houses in the Ottoman Geography
Emad H. Rabboh, Ali A. Elmansory
290 - 301
The Correlation of Deconstruction Architecture to Arab Architectural Identity
Hala Hassanein
302 - 322
Utilization of “Multiple Kinetic Technology KT” in Interior Architecture Design as Concept of Futuristic Innovation
Bahr M. A., Tarek M. F., Hassan A, A., Hassaan D. M.
323 - 331
Experimental Simulation for Load Reduction Techniques on Underground Utilities using Geofoam
Ibrahim Abdel Rashid, Mohamed El-Mikawi, Hossam El-Din Mohamed Baha
332 - 345
Factors affecting the calculations of Return on Investment (ROI) in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) projects In Egypt
Chen Zhuo, Deng JinGen, Yu Baohua, Weng Haoyang, Wang Jie, Yan Xinjiang
346 - 356
Research of One-Dimensional Consolidation of Clays Considering Their Rehological Properties
Sharifa Al-Fadala
357 - 368
Sustainability of Construction Aggregates in Kuwait
Sherif Adel El Sharkawy
369 - 378
Utilization of Saline Water on the Mechanical Properties for Unbounded Granular Materials
Mohamed Gaber, Ahmed Mohamed Atef, Amr El Zawawi, Mohamed Salah
379 - 386
Availability and Feasibility of Demand Side Management Projects in Egypt
Islam W. Mahdy, Mohamed M. Elkhatib, Mohamed A. Refky
387 - 397
Energy Efficient Smart Wireless Sensor Network for Border Monitoring
Dalia Abdel-moamen, M. Abdel-Rhman, R. A. Swief, M. Abdel-Lattif Badr
398 - 408
On the Natural Frequency of Oscillations of Induction Motors
Hanan Mohamed Omran, Ahmed Saad Ali, Abd El-Fatah Mohamed Hashem, Ali Abdalla Abdal-hay
409 - 423
An Intelligent Controller of Nonlinear Conical Tank Water Level System
Mahendra Varman, Arslan Ahmed, Haji Hassan Masjuki, Md. Abul kalam, N. W.M. Zulkifli
424 - 429
Evaluation of Tribological Performance of Hydrogenated Dlc by Surface Texturing in the Presence of Palm Based Tmp Ester at Different Temperatures
Soheir Backar
430 - 439
Integrative Framework of Kansei Engineering (KE) and Kano Model (KM) applied to Light Bulb Changer
Amin Zaza, Mohamed Habib, Nabil Fatahalla
440 - 447
Properties of PMMA Bone Cement Modified with Nano-hydroxyapatite and Acetone
Agnes Modiga, Ndabenhle Sosibo, Nirdesh Singh, Getrude Marape
448 - 456
A Feasibility Study Evaluating the Efficiency of Fine Coal Washing Using Gravity Separation Methods
Manal Mahmoud Metwally
457 - 464
Approach to Accurate Octane Number Calculation for Gasoline Blending
Abdelwahab Bayoumi, Elsayed Gomaa, Abdelnaser Hamdy
465 - 480
Heterogeneous Reservoir Characterization (Upper Bahariya Case study)
Amr Hassan Yassin, Hany Hamdy Hussien
481 - 495
A Proposed Heuristic Optimization Algorithm for Detecting Network Attacks
Vitta Abdel Rehim Ibrahim
496 - 511
Roof Planting as a Tool for Sustainable Development in Residential Buildings in Egypt