Energy Efficient Smart Wireless Sensor Network for Border Monitoring

Islam W. Mahdy (1), Mohamed M. Elkhatib (2), Mohamed A. Refky (3)
(1) Cairo University, Egypt, Egypt,
(2) Military Technical College, Egypt, Egypt,
(3) Cairo University, Egypt, Egypt


The main concern of wireless sensor network is the flexibility and the power to execute different control tasks. This paper presents low power flexible controller for an intrusion detection using power gating technique to reduce the static power loss and fuzzy logic controller, the input signals are proceeded from a PIR, an acoustic and magnetic sensors, the output is presented as an alarm to define the kind of the intrusion. The system behavior is simulated using MATALB-SIMULINK.

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Islam W. Mahdy
[email protected] (Primary Contact)
Mohamed M. Elkhatib
Mohamed A. Refky
Mahdy, I. W., Elkhatib, M. M., & Refky, M. A. (2019). Energy Efficient Smart Wireless Sensor Network for Border Monitoring. ARCHive-SR, 2(4), 387–397.

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