Evaluation of Tribological Performance of Hydrogenated Dlc by Surface Texturing in the Presence of Palm Based Tmp Ester at Different Temperatures

Mahendra Varman, Arslan Ahmed, Haji Hassan Masjuki, Md. Abul kalam, N. W.M. Zulkifli
Surface textured and DLC coated (hydrogenated amorphous carbon) samples were assessed for their coating performance at 40 oC, 80 oC and 125 oC. As a result, textured a-C:H DLC demonstrated higher but stable coefficient of friction (COF) at high temperatures as compared to un-textured DLC samples. However, textured DLC samples showed higher wear resistance compared to un-textured DLC coating. The enhancement can be elucidated by the lower graphitization of textured DLC samples.


TMP Ester; wear resistance; friction; Surface textured; a- C:H DLC coating


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