An Intelligent Controller of Nonlinear Conical Tank Water Level System

Hanan Mohamed Omran, Ahmed Saad Ali, Abd El-Fatah Mohamed Hashem, Ali Abdalla Abdal-hay
The present research presents an intelligent fuzzy logic controller (FLC) system for control water level of nonlinear systems, whereas the cross-section area of the vertical water is not constant (conical tank). The mathematical model of the conical tank level system was derived and its simulation runs were carried out by considering the FLC. For comparative analysis, a similar test runs were also carried out by means of conventional ZN based PI-mode. Interestingly, the results illustrate that applying the FLC system in the control loop in the conical tank system could provide a good tracking performance than that of conventional PI model.


Fuzzy Logic Controller; Conical Tank; Nonlinear Process; PI controller; MATLAB


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