On the Natural Frequency of Oscillations of Induction Motors

Dalia Abdel-moamen, M. Abdel-Rhman, R. A. Swief, M. Abdel-Lattif Badr
For transient stability analysis, the rotor dynamics of the induction motor have to be included. These dynamics affect the system stability when severe disturbances hit it and cause frequency deviations. For large systems, frequency deviations are small. However, it may cause loss of synchronism and break the system into smaller areas. Motor loads are sensitive to system frequency deviations. Any change in the grid frequency, changes extremely the slip. This follows by changes of the motor torque and the motor speed. The demanded active and reactive powers change as well. Natural frequencies of induction motors is considered a unique property has a great effect on its behavior during different operation conditions. This work presents the performance of the induction motors through different power systems. Based on time domain simulation models study the natural frequency of induction motors, their response in normal and abnormal operation is analyzed to illustrate the dynamics associated.


Natural frequency; Induction motor loads; and Power system stability


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