Sustainable engineering is a vast field that applies to all the branches of engineering and its derivatives. It requires practitioners to use energy and resources in a sustainable manner in the designing and operating phases to avoid compromising the environment in any way. All engineering disciplines should be engaged in sustainability by making sure all engineering-based projects live well within the limits of our finite planet. Practitioners should have a profound understanding of the principles of resource efficiency, ecology, sustainable development and design along with their own fields. This can only be achieved by generating literature that highlights various issues and solutions related to sustainable engineering. Consequently, sustainable development has become the pivotal focus of aspiration to numerous countries around the world. Ethically, it has become a major concern for countries to sustain the resources of planet earth, which could be classified as environmental, economic and social. Engineering sustainability is the common concept between these three definitions and always exists inside each. This issue discusses the influences of activating the role of engineering on natural resources; It explores the guidelines and new approaches of adding sustainability to engineering in order to achieve the goals of most countries to validate the sustainable development throughout their futuristic plans. Important topics: 1. Conserving sustainable resources 2. Sustainable engineering processes 3. Increasing energy efficiency 4. Reducing environmental impact 5. Fulfillment aspects of sustainability 6. Utilizes energy balances and accounts for energy quality 7. Providing efficiencies that measure approach to ideality 8. Providing a measure of disequilibrium with environment and potential for impact 9. Global climate change and adaptation 10. Degradation, acidification, and its impact on soil and water 11. Impact of urbanization 12. Planning of new communities with the respect of sustainable engineering 13. The reconstruction of peripheral areas and the search for energy 14. Energy and mobile communities 15. The role of sustainable engineering in cities transfection 16. New trends and technologies in sustainable engineering 17. Sustainable engineering in Geosciences 18. Mining and sustainable engineering 19. Industrial sustainable engineering 20. Successful case studies

Published: 2018-12-31

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