Call for Paper : Innovative Approaches Towards Preserving the Environment

Submissions to ESSD's next issue, "Innovative Approaches Towards Preserving the Environment" are now open.

Preserving the environment has been always a serious issue to our society. However, the need for the preservation is increasing nowadays due to the number of pollutant and human factors affecting that. Therefore, environmental preservation nowadays needs innovative methods in order to achieve that.
The issue on “Innovative Approaches Towards Preserving the Environment” aims to discuss the different innovative approaches in order to preserve our environment.
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Posted : 2019-01-03

New Issue Published

"Sustainable Engineering: Issues and Solutions" issue has now been published. This issue discusses sustainable engineering as a main topic, providing different issues and offering solutions to the issues presented. The issue then explores several urban, environmental and sustainability concerns. Thus, provides recommendations as a way to have of moving towards a more sustainable environment.
Posted : 2019-01-02

Call for Paper : "Improving Sustainability Concept: From Theories to Successful Practices"

Submissions to ESSD's next issue, "Improving Sustainability Concept: From Theories to Successful Practices" are now open.

Activating sustainability concept in practices is a critical issue that achieves sustainable development of the whole cities. The sustainable city is a rather recent concept, which has managed to gain increasing attention over the last decades, both through the international community and through grass root movements.
This special issue on Improving Sustainability Concept: From Theories to Successful Practices aims to explore how the sustainable city can be translated from theory to practice.
Posted : 2018-12-31
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