New Issue Published

"Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Development" has now been published. This issue discusses green infrastructure in depth as a significant factor for sustainable development. Articles featured in this issue introduce green infrastructure as a solution to issues of sustainability in green spaces and beyond. The issue then explores several urban, environmental and cultural concerns, provides recommendations and set goals to protect the environment, improve public health and economical situations as well as prepare for impacts of climate change.
Posted : 2018-07-31

Call for Papers

Submissions to ESSD's next issue, "Sustainable Engineering: Issues and Solutions"are now open.


Sustainable engineering is a vast field that applies to all the branches of engineering and its derivatives. It requires practitioners to use energy and resources in a sustainable manner in the designing and operating phases to avoid compromising the environment in any way. All engineering disciplines should be engaged in sustainability by making sure all engineering-based projects live well within the limits of our finite planet. Practitioners should have a profound understanding of principles of resource efficiency, ecology, sustainable development and design along with their own fields. This can only be achieved by generating literature that highlights various issues and solutions related to sustainable engineering.

Posted : 2018-07-30
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