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The concept of sustainable development has been a snowballing concern that spread to people all over the world. In these circumstances, engineering is considered a major tool that fuels that conscious need to make a difference in the world. By utilizing its branches of instance, construction, marine, mechanical, chemical, electrical, etc. It enables researchers to get in touch with reality and spread awareness worldwide.

Engineering provides a scientifically monitored process that enables missions related to manufacturing, mining, design, operating, transporting, and all other purposes to get in touch with sectors that could be rescued and later design a sustainable model that benefits both nature and urbanism. It aims to change people’s way of thinking by reckoning solutions for constrains and barriers that detach people from nature and socio-economic situation. Education is a topic that is brought to the table as a fundamental principle to involve as a continuously parallel concept to sustainable engineering in all aspects of life.

Green infrastructure for conservation planning is presented as a topic of discussion in this issue that operates as the offspring of engineering that functions upon the supply of energy sources that avoids compromising the environment in any shape or form. The role of practitioners is also profound in the sense that it needs to be fueled by the power of literature and facts that illustrate the consequences of reckless behavior.

Urban improvement is a case that will always be adopted by spokesmen. Therefore, by activating the role of engineering as the achievable dream, many countries will attain sustainable development, while executing their futuristic plans.

This issue discusses disputes of sustainable engineering and provides solutions to them. It explores different engineering issues such as urban, environmental, and sustainability topics.
In order to have a more sustainable environment, recommendations provided in this issue will tackle these problems using innovative approaches.

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Mourad Amer
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Amer, M. (2018). Foreword. Environmental Science & Sustainable Development, 3(2), 1.

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