Vol. 1 No. 2 (2018): Proceedings of the second international conference Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH)
Proceedings of the second international conference Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH)
Proceedings of the second edition of the international conference CAH: Conservation of Architectural Heritage
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Research Papers

Shadi Maraqa, Ghassan Al-Dweik, G. Van Moeseke, A. de Herde
1 - 16
A Review to Innovative Ventilation Techniques Used in Historical Hospitals in Middle East and Europe
Ibrahim Abdel Rashid Nosair, Ayman Hussien Hosny, Mohamed Ahmed El-Mikawi, Hossam El-Din Mohamed Bahaa
17 - 30
Modeling System to Support the Determination of the Return on Investment (ROI) for PPP projects in Egypt
Djelloul Zenati, Ibrahim Zeroual
31 - 43
Re-Appropriation of Urban Heritage Buildings and Their Role in the Conservation of Historic Sites
Hanaa Moosa Issa Moosa
44 - 57
Prevailing Value System Based Context, Adaptive Reuse
Yassmein Hamdy Mohamed Abdalla
58 - 74
Saints’ Heritage and the Egyptian Urban Forms Through History
Mostafa Gabr, Wael Kamel, Ghada Gamal El-din Gaber
75 - 87
Proposed Vernacular-Ecotourism Guidelines as A tool to Preserve Vernacular Architecture in Nubia, Egypt.
Ashwini Sasi
88 - 96
Redefining: Cultural Impression in Princely States During Colonial Period
Adel Yasseen
97 - 108
Architecture of the Great Pyramid of Giza Concept and Construction
Mennatallah Said Tawfik, Sara Essam Ali
109 - 123
“Governance and Public Awareness” Dilemma in the Conservation of Heritage and Cultural Parks in Egypt
Mona M. Abdelhamid, Mohamed M. Elfakharany
124 - 136
Introducing the Rehabilitation Policy in Order to Safeguard the Built Heritage
Adel Yasseen
137 - 146
Tombs of the Valley of the Kings in Luxor Ecological Consideration
Nassiba Benghida, Leila Sriti
147 - 160
Towards a Stylistic Characterization of the French Colonial Architecture Produced in Southern Algeria. Case Study of Public Buildings
Shatha A. Alamiri, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Doaa M. Alzubaidy
161 - 170
English Influences in Urban Fabric Patterns of Baghdad City
Müjgan Bahtiyar Karatosun, Tuba Nur Olğun
171 - 182
Evaluation of the Material-Protection Sustainability Relationship on the Identity of Traditional Settlements
Mohamed M. Abdelaziz Farid, Abdelhamed Ezzat Abdelhamed
183 - 197
The Cultural And Economical Impacts Of Using Virtual Heritage In Archaeological Sites In Egypt
Mohamed Farid, Osama Abdelhady
198 - 211
Assessment Heliopolis Heritage Suburb Against Sustainable Conservation