Vol. 2 No. 3 (2018): First Proceedings of Al Azhar’s 14th International Conference On: Engineering, Architecture and Technology
First Proceedings of Al Azhar’s 14th International Conference On: Engineering, Architecture and Technology
This issue is the first of two proceedings of the papers presented in Al Azhar’s 14th International Conference On: Engineering, Architecture and Technology

Research Papers

Nourhan Bassam El-Halawany, Hazem Talaat El-Daly, Sherif Abdelmohsen
1 - 10
A User-centric Approach to Optimize Visitor’s Experience in Exhibition Spaces Using Parametric Spatial Analysis
Asmaa Taher Sallam, Ali Fathi Eid, Ali Foad Elfaramawy, Laila M. Khodier
11 - 18
Applications of Knowledge Management in Construction: A Literature Review
Ahmed Abdulmoniem El-Kattan
19 - 34
Biomimetics as an Approach to Sustainability of Architectural Designs
Rania E. Ashmawy, Neveen Y. Azmy
35 - 49
Buildings Orientation and its Impact on the Energy Consumption
Faysal Mahmoud Abu Alazm, Asmaa Soliman Mansour El-khalidi
50 - 62
Creativity in Sustainable Redesign for Existing Buildings by Using Green Architecture as a Contemporary Trend
Ahmed Hassan Emara, Adham M. Hany Abulnour, Mohammed Moustafa Ayoub
63 - 74
Design Criteria for Pervasive Games in Historical Sites
Azza Gamal Haggag
75 - 84
Kinetic Architecture; Renewable Energy
Derek A. Ham
85 - 92
KITOPARTS: A Virtual Playground To Explore Form, Space, & Order
Houssameldeen Bahgat El Refeie
93 - 100
Naturalism in Architecture Creating a Culture of Resilience
Balkiz Yapicioglu, Liudmila Cazacova
101 - 111
‘Omani Burqa’ vs. Decorated Façade of Modern Omani House; the Case of Salalah, Dhofar Region, Oman
Amal Ahmed Abdou, Iman Osama Abd El Gwad, Ayman Alsayed Altaher Mahmoud
112 - 125
Reducing Energy Consumption Strategies in University Buildings in Egypt
Kamal Eldin Mohamed, Soofia Tahira Elias Özkan
126 - 135
Sustainable architectural design education: A pilot study in a 3rd year studio
Amr Soliman ElGohary, Shereen Omar Khashaba
136 - 152
The Challenge of Greening the Existing Residential Buildings in the Egyptian Market Base Case
Wael Mohamed Adel Tawfik Abdel-latif
153 - 172
The Construction of Economic Green Buildings in Sinai and Suez Canal Zone Using Compressed Stabilized Earth Technique
Laila Khodeir, Youhansen Salahel Dine
173 - 182
The Impact of Integrating Occupational Safety and Health into the Pre-Construction Phase of Projects: A Literature Review
Rasha A. Moussa
183 - 195
The Impact of Societal Transformations on the Urban Spaces During the Local Festivals
Mona Helmy
196 - 208
The Role of Architectural Education in Promoting Urban Heritage: Opportunities and Challenges
Nouran Elabd, Laila Khodeir
209 - 223
Towards Enhancing Building Information Modeling Implementation in the Egyptian AEC Industry
Engin Kepenek, Ziya Gençel
224 - 233
A Tool for Comparative Disaster Risk Analysis and Evaluation in Urban Areas (Draes)
Haitham El Sharnouby
234 - 246
Toward Urban Spaces of Quality: Through the Existing Urban Legislations in Egypt
Moamen E. Abd Elraof
247 - 255
Evaluation of Bearing Capacity of Caissons Subject to Scour
Eslam A. Nawar, Soheir H. Backar, Mohamed A. El-Dardiry
256 - 264
Case Study on Fuzzy Blitz Quality Function Deployment