This issue is the first of two proceedings of the papers presented in Al Azhar’s 14th International Conference On: Engineering, Architecture and Technology


Published: 2018-12-18

Applications of Knowledge Management in Construction: A Literature Review

Asmaa Taher Sallam, Ali Fathi Eid, Ali Foad Elfaramawy, Laila M. Khodier

11 - 18

Design Criteria for Pervasive Games in Historical Sites

Ahmed Hassan Emara, Adham M. Hany Abulnour, Mohammed Moustafa Ayoub

63 - 74

Reducing Energy Consumption Strategies in University Buildings in Egypt

Amal Ahmed Abdou, Iman Osama Abd El Gwad, Ayman Alsayed Altaher Mahmoud

112 - 125

Sustainable architectural design education: A pilot study in a 3rd year studio

Kamal Eldin Mohamed, Soofia Tahira Elias Özkan

126 - 135

Case Study on Fuzzy Blitz Quality Function Deployment

Eslam A. Nawar, Soheir H. Backar, Mohamed A. El-Dardiry

256 - 264