Creativity in Sustainable Redesign for Existing Buildings by Using Green Architecture as a Contemporary Trend

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Faysal Mahmoud Abu Alazm
Asmaa Soliman Mansour El-khalidi


With rapid climate changes in recent years, it has become important as it is necessary to think about a new concept of architecture that respects and considers the environment. To counter these changes, the concept of environmental and green architecture starters' theory has appeared as one of the applications of creative solutions in buildings. Architects then began turning it from a theoretical study on the method of the design of buildings and making them environment-friendly by reducing the consumption of resources to run the building and reduce damage to the environment due to Alanbosat and waste resulting from construction work. Environmental and green architecture does not just reduce the impact on the environment but also supports energy-efficient buildings, which achieves self- sufficiency within the building. It also provides energy production and exploits the optimal way efficiently and with equanimity. This paper aims to: - Highlight the importance of green architecture and sustainability in shape. - Reach a methodology to convert existing buildings into green buildings.

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Abu Alazm, F. M., & El-khalidi, A. S. M. (2018). Creativity in Sustainable Redesign for Existing Buildings by Using Green Architecture as a Contemporary Trend. The Academic Research Community Publication, 2(3), 50–62.
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