Case Study on Fuzzy Blitz Quality Function Deployment

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Eslam A. Nawar
Soheir H. Backar
Mohamed A. El-Dardiry


Organizations strive to develop their products in a way that fulfils customers’ requirements and increases their satisfaction. The traditional Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a popular technique for that purpose but it has some drawbacks. To tackle these drawbacks, the researchers will implement Blitz QFD a modern model of the traditional one and integrate it with fuzzy logic through a case study on the development of a cargo tricycle. This model provides a leaner approach that captures the most critical requirements of customers in order to implement them and provides more reasonable values as a result of using fuzzy logic.

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Nawar, E. A., Backar, S. H., & El-Dardiry, M. A. (2018). Case Study on Fuzzy Blitz Quality Function Deployment. The Academic Research Community Publication, 2(3), 256–264.
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