Vol. 2 No. 1 (2019): Towards Green Cities in Developing Countries
Towards Green Cities in Developing Countries
This issue includes proceedings from the conferences: Green Urbanism - 2nd edition and Improving Sustainability Concept in Developing Countries – 3rd Edition.

Research Papers

Alshimaa A. Farag, R. M. Doheim, Samaa Badawi
1 - 13
Evaluating Heat Island Effect at University Campus with Reference to LEED v4.
Rowa Elzain, Rumana Al Othmani
14 - 26
Approach Towards Localization of Public Spaces Development in Muscat
Majd Al-Homoud, Hala Ghanem
27 - 42
Regeneration of Amman Center - Social Acceptance of Syrian Migrants in Downtown Amman
C. Echave, A. Palladus, M. Boy-Roura, M. Cacciutolo, S. Niavis, A. Boulanger, TH. Papatheochari, D. Ceh, S. Ponsa, B. Massabo
43 - 56
Boosting Rural Areas Revitalization in the Mediterranean through Cross-cutting Approach Based on Ecological and Social Resilience
Lee Felix Anzagira, E. Badu, D. Duah
57 - 76
Towards an Uptake Framework for the Green Building Concept in Ghana: A Theoretical Review
Mohammed Aljoufie
77 - 86
Analyzing the Effect of Fuel Prices Increase on Travel Behavior
V. V. Muthekar, A. G. Kharat, N. P. Dharmadhikari, C. S. Mahajan
87 - 100
Empirical groundwater exploration using Light Interference Technique
Usama Konbr
101 - 127
Smart Sustainable Cities —Vision and Reality
Aguirre Contreras Javier, Aguirre Muñoz Javier, Arzate Perez Miguel
128 - 139
Design of a System Generating Electricity by Means of a Solar Heater for a House
Cecilia May S. Villanueva
140 - 156
Community Engagement for Environmental Lighting and Acoustics in the Manila’s University Belt
Reeman Mohammed Rehan, Mohammed Refaat M. Abdelaal, Ghina Maher Hakim, Rouba Mayyas Gamal, Ghadah M. Baraat
157 - 169
Cultural Urban Branding as an Approach Towards Sustainability
Ahmed A. Fekry, Reham H. Eldesoky, Doha M. Saeed
170 - 178
Sophisticated Light Shelf System in South Orientation in Hot Arid Zone
Arjun Vasatkar, A. G. Kharat
179 - 185
Empirical Study of Human Body Voltage Behavior in Contact with Conductive Floorings in Residential Buildings
Ar. Bhagyalaxmi S. Madapur, Ar. Shanu Raina
186 - 196
Integrated Urban Mobility
Hala Abdelmoez Mohamed
197 - 206
Applications of Nanomaterials in Architectural Design