Smart Sustainable Cities —Vision and Reality

Usama Konbr (1)
(1) Associate Prof., Architectural Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Tanta University, Egypt., Egypt


Smart cities are boosting sustainability. It is an urgent and global trend. The study addressed the Smart Sustainable Cities (SSCs) considering the recent local and global constraints. It focused on the Egyptian context as a scope because of the absence of this trend in it, despite its potential opportunities.

The paper was divided into two sections; the first was a theoretical approach to the SSCs definitions and concepts. It also framed the SSCs skeleton. Then, the SSCs planning and management's guidance followed this approach. Moreover, the paper pointed out to some experiences in the developing countries and the Arabic context.

The second section was the applied study. It aimed to develop a road-map about embarking the SSCs in the Egyptian scope, as a step to transfer the vision to reality. Then, it identified the local challenges and opportunities, followed by the key pillars needed for that transformation. Finally, the paper extracted the actions required to transforming the Egyptian cities to be smart and sustainable in the reality.

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Usama Konbr
[email protected] (Primary Contact)
Konbr, U. (2019). Smart Sustainable Cities —Vision and Reality. Resourceedings, 2(1), 101–127.

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