Cultural Urban Branding as an Approach Towards Sustainability

Reeman Mohammed Rehan, Mohammed Refaat M. Abdelaal, Ghina Maher Hakim, Rouba Mayyas Gamal, Ghadah M. Baraat

City branding has become one of the primary policies for achieving sustainability in many countries. In this manner, many strategies can be applied to create place and city urban branding. One of these strategies is the culture-based urban branding. Culture plays a significant role in place and city urban branding; cultural branding can be considered an essential approach for the economic, social and environmental renewal of cities.

City branding has become gradually important according to its bases and activities in the urban development process in general. This paper describes how culture can be used in city branding. The research applies the significance of urban cultural branding to analyse the case study of Madinah, Saudi Arabia.
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