Sophisticated Light Shelf System in South Orientation in Hot Arid Zone


  • Ahmed A. Fekry Professor of Architecture, Cairo University, Egypt
  • Reham H. Eldesoky Head of Department of Architecture, Bany Swef University, Egypt
  • Doha M. Saeed Teacher Assistant of Architecture, Bader University in Cairo, Egypt.



In the framework of achieving advanced (sophisticated) light shelf system for deep office spaces in south in hot, arid zones, this study is based on the use of the parametric design approach in creating and investigating various combinations of the main design parameters of light shelf systems, in order to determine the design indicators and the key design elements that can help in developing and optimizing the performance of such daylight systems. Therefore a “819” study cases were created and tested in the previous phase of this study, as well as a “16” study cases have been tested in this study that produced from one hypothetical optimized parametric study case which was established by integrate the main design features of the best two case studies in the results of the previous study phase, in term of daylighting and energy consumption performance.  This study has identified several basic designs and considerations for developing and optimizing the light shelf systems, in addition to the invention of two sophisticated design cases for deep office spaces with different ceiling heights (3.30 & 3.80 m.) in south in hot, arid zones (New Cairo area).


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