Approach Towards Localization of Public Spaces Development in Muscat

Rowa Elzain (1), Rumana Al Othmani (2)
(1) Founder, MCTspaceLab, Oman, Oman,
(2) Co-Founder, MCTspaceLab, Oman, Oman


With a population that doubled in the past 10 years, in addition to the consumption of land through neighborhoods in the form of leapfrog sprawl, Muscat, the capital of Oman, faces a challenge of the management and provision of services within the existing neighborhoods. With limited infrastructure including street and electricity, these neighbourhoods have lack of public space as a common urban deficiency. Hence the research aims to understand the potential of localizing the urban deficiency solutions through practical means of participatory approach. Accordingly, initial outline of existing public space participatory engagements are considered, followed by analysis of the role and contributions of the community towards development projects, and finally assesment and guideline of lessons learned from the independent public spaces a series of negotiation initiatives are presented. The research builds on an earlier study where two neighborhoods were analyzed in terms of public spaces and communal qualities. From this point, we develop a framework outlining the research project, actions list, and funds. Through an incremental series of actions, progress of the project took a community-oriented line of development. Thus, we found a participatory approach for the localization of public spaces within neighborhoods in Muscat.

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Rowa Elzain
[email protected] (Primary Contact)
Rumana Al Othmani
Elzain, R., & Al Othmani, R. (2019). Approach Towards Localization of Public Spaces Development in Muscat. Resourceedings, 2(1), 14–26.

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