Empirical Study of Human Body Voltage Behavior in Contact with Conductive Floorings in Residential Buildings

Arjun Vasatkar, A. G. Kharat

The floorings used in residential buildings are resistive towards carrying the voltage and due to which the voltage induced in human body does not get discharged by just coming in contact with the flooring. The Present work focuses on using the conductive materials in floorings so that the person coming in contact with it will get benefit of earthing in residential buildings itself instead of going outside for getting in contact with earth. Electronics firms adopt the conductive or static dissipative type of flooring system to reduce impacts of electrostatic charge. Static charge in human body goes on increasing because of electronic gadgets and appliances and even small movement on floor. There are different conductive materials available in market used in various industries which can also be used for residential buildings for benefits.

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