Vol 6, issue #2 (2021): Resilient Infrastructure and Climate Change

One of the most noteworthy lessons that the COVID-19 pandemic has offered us thus far is the realization of the urgent need for resilient infrastructure where the far-from-adequate infrastructure in many countries helped in exacerbating the situation during the early stages of the mass infection and contributed to the dilemmas resulting from such a pandemic. Besides this, our planet has paid a very high price for the issue of climate change over the past year where 2019, the last of the 2010- 2019 decade, was the second warmest year on record during the warmest decade ever recorded. This makes the call for sustainable solutions to mitigate against the impact of climate change a necessity. The widespread adoption of resilient infrastructure and solutions for the problem of climate change are among the notable Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN to be achieved by 2030. Against this background, this issue of our journal aims at discussing possible solutions and strategies that help structure the debate and push it towards the adoption of solutions that to achieve the aforementioned goals. This will be done through the discussion of related topics such as water pollution, environmentally sound technologies, greenhouse gas emissions, risks and challenges of climate change, and sustainable and resilient infrastructure. Through such a discussion, we aim to make a contribution to the efforts that attempt to inform the policymaking processes, design approaches and planning strategies through research-based evidence with a view to change them towards seeking a more sustainable, resilient and environmentally responsible future.



  • Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure.
  • Resilience and Adaptive Capacity to Climate-Related Hazards and Natural Disasters.
  • Climate Change: Risks & Challenges, Policies, Strategies & Planning.
  • Climate Change Resilience through Water Management
  • Water Pollution: Treatment and Mitigation
  • Clean and Environmentally Sound Technologies.
  • Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions Development.