View Vol. 6 Issue 2 (2021): Urban & Rural Sustainability and Revitalization


This issue covers topics that concern the regeneration and renewal of urban and rural areas within cities, as well as taking on an environmentally conscious perspective on architecture and construction principles. Urbanism has drawn the attention of a significant number of researchers and scholars globally, as well as it should, for the sharp rise in population density in cities has rung the alarm bell that signals devastating effects for our planet, and the respective cities alike. The urban sprawl, caused by accelerating rates of population density, has been the root cause of a multitude of local and global ills. The destructive effects range from a rise in crime rate, unprecedented rates of greenhouse gas emissions, roads exclusive for automobiles that push out pedestrians and cyclists, unreliable public transit systems, and an overall sense of unlovability and crowdedness within cities. Ever vigilant, researchers and scholars around the globe have been submitting solutions on two fronts: Firstly, the revitalization of urban areas, through innovative concepts such as green urbanism, which puts forth a sustainable approach to urban planning, prioritizing the inclusion of green spaces and landscapes within urban areas, responsible resource & waste management, reliable public transit systems, and roads & infrastructures that take into account not just vehicles, but pedestrians, and automobiles. The second front, is rural rejuvenation, as the urban sprawl takes hold, people have been recognizing its destructive effects, and moving back into rural areas. Additionally, the work mobility granted to us by technological advancement, and as a byproduct of COVID-19 has allowed people to go where they please without compromising work availability. This cultural shift of movement into rural areas demands our attention and study, for rural revitalization could be a possible solution to the urban sprawl.


  • The Rural Environment:
    • Environmental policies, assessment and planning
    • Public engagement in sustainable development
    • Culture heritage and Sustainable Tourism in Rural Areas
    • Rural Revitalization, and its Role in Sustainable Development
  • The Urban Environment:
    • Green urbanism
    • Implementation of Reliable Transit Systems
    • Pedestrian & Cyclist Inclusion in cities
  • The Built Environment:
    • Principles of Waste Management and Reuse
    • Net-zero Energy Buildings
    • Climate responsive architecture
    • Renewable Energy Adaptations in Existing Constructions
Published: 2021-12-30

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