Smart streetlamps as part of a smart city approach in Macau

Yile Chen (1) , Liang Zheng (2)
(1) Faculty of Humanities and Arts,Macau University of Science and Technology,Macau,China
(2) Faculty of Humanities and Arts,Macau University of Science and Technology,Macau,China


Smart cities are the mainstream trend of modern city development. With the promotion of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area policies, Macau, as one of the four central cities in the Greater Bay Area, has pioneered the development of smart cities. The development goal of the smart city is to use modern electronic information technology to manage, coordinate, share efficiently, and interoperate the city's transportation, logistics, energy resources, and communication services. Comprehensive perception and information collection are the basis for its smart urban management. As one of the important node devices at the perception level of the smart city, smart street lights in Macau are not only the lighting infrastructure, but also include environmental monitoring, video surveillance, communication networks, Internet of Things, information interaction, charging piles and other economic functions of the people's livelihood. Under the above premise, this article discusses the urban policies, applications and prospects of smart streetlamps in Macau. At the same time, it compares the social nature and related policies of the mainland, analyzes the particularity of building smart streetlamps in Macau, and based on the application of smart streetlamps in Macau, propose optimization and development suggestions to promote the construction and development of Macau's smart city.

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Yile Chen (Primary Contact)
Liang Zheng
Chen, Y., & Zheng, L. (2021). Smart streetlamps as part of a smart city approach in Macau. International Journal of Environmental Science & Sustainable Development, 6(2), 11–20.

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