Rejuvenation in rural Ireland in response to the COVID-19 induced urban-to-rural migration phenomenon

Shreya Sen
The aim of this paper is to discuss the paradigm shift in residential choices induced by the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe. Firstly, the resilience of the rural regions belonging to the Northern Periphery and Arctic Program will be explored—the challenges brought about by COVID-19 within their tourism sectors, and the opportunities for rural revival generated by the current shifts in workplace mobility. The paper will then delve deeper into the case study of Ireland. The pre-existing issue of Ireland’s one-off housing and suburban sprawl will be explored, and the extent to which the regional plan “Our Rural Future” will tackle these issues by optimizing building density and dwelling typology in the post-COVID-19 era.


Northern Periphery and Arctic Program, rural rejuvenation, “one-off” housing, second homes, regional planning development, remote working, building density, dwelling typology, COVID-19
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