Vol 5, issue #2 (2020): Renewable Energy and Natural Resources Preservation

We have been depending on fossil fuels greatly in the past decades, which led to their depletion and by most estimates they won’t last for another 150 years. This have led many scientists, scholars and researchers to shift their attention to finding sustainable renewable alternative natural resources. It will be difficult to imagine the world without its natural resources. The development of renewable resources such as wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and ocean energy, together with a sustainably managed way of using what is left of depleting fossil fuels will ensure a transition from a fossil based polluting economy to a sustainable one based on renewable resources. The use of renewable energy resources is essential now more than ever for our planet’s survival

The need to conserve the natural resources is very crucial to the support of human life by maintaining an ecological balance and ensuring that future generations will be able to access these resources. The challenges that our natural environment is facing today like pollution and global warming need to be addressed.

This issue aims to promote and disseminate research work in the field of natural resources preservation, be it through the use of renewable energy or the adoption of sustainable ways to using those resources. It will showcase the latest work in the fields of renewable energy and natural resources preservation .



  • Renewable Energy Production at Community Scale
  • Public Awareness and Education on Renewable Energy
  • Green Buildings: Designing Buildings with Nature and with Technologies
  • Energy-efficiency in the Built Environment
  • Challenges in Preserving Natural Resources
  • Climate Responsive Architecture: Solar Architecture and Renewable Energies
  • Preserving the Natural Resources: Approaches and Techniques
  • Benefits of Natural Resources Preservation
  • Recycling and Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Towards a Zero-Waste City
  • Case Studies of Green Energies and Low Pollution Solutions