Vol. 2 No. 2 (2019): Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Conservation of Architectural Heritage(CAH)-Regeneration & Management
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Conservation of Architectural Heritage(CAH)-Regeneration & Management

This issue includes Proceedings of the 3rd international conference: Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH) - Regeneration & Managem. This issue discusses the latest research in cultural heritage protection and the different technological developments and methodologies for historic sites.



  1. Cultural Heritage Protection
  2. Conservation Stratigies
  3. Materials and Restoration
  4. Technology and Development
  5. Historic Urban Landscape
  6. Sustainability of Heritage
  7. Site Management of the Archaeological Site

Research Papers

Wajeeha Laiq
1 - 15
Assessment of Embodied Energy/ U-Value in Historic Buildings of Karachi-Pakistan
Nataša Jurgec Gurnick, Ljubo Lah
16 - 40
Sustainable Conservation of Architectural Heritage. A Case Study of Negova Castle, Slovenia
Yanming Wu, Qi Zhou
41 - 57
Research on Reconstruction Design of Exterior Wall Materials and Structures of Industrial Architectural Heritage
Mennatallah Hamdy, Doha Ibrahim
58 - 71
Preservation Laws: Saving Modern Egyptian Architectural Integrity
Tarek Galal Abdelhamid
72 - 112
Digital Techniques for Cultural Heritage and Artifacts Recording
Darin Refaat, Mohamed Zaki, Aya ElMeligy, Rasha Gaber, Gehan ElSayed, Ayman Abdel Hamid
113 - 124
Urban regeneration of "SoorMagra AL Oyoon" district
Lula Chou
125 - 132
The Conservation of China’s Historical Sites under Rapid Urbanization in the Case of Xixing District
Moaaz Senousy, Aleya Hassan, Aya ElMeligy, Ahlam Mostafa
133 - 143
Research Field Development for Community and Heritage in Egypt
Yassmin Tony, Aya ElMeligy, Darin Refaat, Gehan ElSayed
144 - 152
Community Center as a Cultural Hub, for Cultural Heritage Conservation
Noha M. Effat Hafez
153 - 166
Managing Heritage through Facilities Data Management Heritage Information System
Essam H. Mohamed
167 - 184
The effect of the reciprocal relations of the deterioration symptoms in different building materials in some of historic Cairo's buildings
Li Yinghan, Zhou Qi
185 - 206
Study on the Repairing Techniques of Near- Modern Historical Residences in Nanjing, China: The case study of the West Cabbage Garden Conservation project
Marwa Abouhassan
207 - 223
Historical Places and Identity of the Cities: Khuzam Palace Museum, Jeddah
Khaled El-Daghar
224 - 236
Self-financing for Conservation Based on Global Experiences – Case Study Preserving the Architectural Heritage of Historical Tripoli, Lebanon
Omnia Ibrahim Shokry, Mahmoud Mohamed Khalifa, Shaima Nabil Abdel
237 - 253
Toward Maintaining the Identification and Architectural Heritage to Develop the Historical Areas in Ain Al-Sira
Fatma Ahmed, Abanoub Fayez, Ahmad Haron
254 - 266
Comparison Study for Art Centers in Greater Cairo To Achieve Heritage conservation