Toward Maintaining the Identification and Architectural Heritage to Develop the Historical Areas in Ain Al-Sira

Omnia Ibrahim Shokry, Mahmoud Mohamed Khalifa, Shaima Nabil Abdel

Despite the State’s exerted efforts in preserving Egyptian monuments as tourist destinations, Ain Al-Sira area has been suffering from multiple problems. The modern construction arts within the historical area and its architectural heritage have been ignored, as well as the construction of contemporary residential buildings not related to the historical area. The purpose of the research is to develop the architectural heritage of the residential neighborhoods in Ain Al-Sira in line with the architectural facades of the ancient historical monuments with a view to the restoration of these monuments, which have changed their faces and their architectural efficiency due to their obsolescence, weather and time factors and overcoming the scarcity of maintenance and restoration works. The new research includes the development of interim strategies in the implementation of the restoration and development of monuments and architectural style of residential neighborhoods in the area of Ain Al-Sira.

The motive of the research was the existence of a problem in the current local architectural formations, which is the lack of integration and harmony of ancient monuments with new neighborhoods and the imbalance between them. The descriptive and analytical approach has been followed to clarify existing effects and what is required to be developed The research dealt with the analysis and presentation of the importance and the historical background of the area of Ain Al-Sira, with its ancient monuments, that we came to the current residential and architectural form between the shape of ancient monuments and modern dwellings, as well as the presentation of architectural problems in the region. To propose appropriate solutions for the development of the region in accordance with local and international standards and laws in order to find the most appropriate methods for architectural processing and the research will contain: On the proposals and plans necessary to develop the architectural style between the old and modern in the area of Ain El – Sira  .


heritage of architecture; ain al-sira; archaeological restoration; architectural formations


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