Cultural tourism has emerged as a modern phenomenon with the potential to promote cultural values and conventions globally, attracting tourists to cities and benefiting countries economically. The revenue generated from cultural tourism, centered around historical monuments, regional cuisine, and architectural wonders, is a significant income source for many nations. Additionally, there has been a growing popularity of nature-based tourism worldwide, where visitors appreciate and preserve expansive wilderness areas, mountains, and forests. To ensure the long-term benefits of cultural tourism, sustainability becomes crucial. This includes sustainable transportation and mobility practices to minimize the climate impact of travel, as well as the preservation of attractive landmarks to prevent their deterioration. Achieving sustainability involves integrating social development, prioritizing green public spaces, utilizing digital technologies, and promoting health, safety, and ethical waste management near tourist destinations.

This issue in the ARChive journal elaborates upon methods approaches to develop and advance sustainable cultural tourism, its economic impacts and benefits. The issues’ topics include:

  • Analysis, viewpoints and approaches in exploring cultural tourist interests
  • Approaches to environmental conservation and sustainable tourism
  • Ecotourism and Nature-Based Activities
  • Cultural Preservation Management
  • Case Studies and Best Practices
  • Economic Implications and Impacts of tourism

This issue of ARChive compiles studies that explore the topics of cultural tourism to shed light on the importance effects of cultural tourism and its economic and strategic effects, in addition to addressing fundamental topics such as historical heritage, attractive landmarks preservation and their importance in the increasingly growing cultural tourism industry as well as technological and digital implementation in tourist the tourist experience.

The selected papers in this issue are from IEREK’s international conference. The 5th Edition of the Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST), held online in June 2023.

The print ISSN of the Conference is 2974-3761.

The online ISSN of the Conference is 2974-377X.

Published: 2023-07-31

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