Postwar Remnants in the Periurban Forest of Thessaloniki, Greece A Two Paths Proposal for Tourism and Environmental Education

Aphrodite Tsiouri (1)
(1) PhD at Department of Forestry and Natural Environment, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece, Greece


Wars, in the classical sense of term, have negative effects on the landscape and leave various traces above or below the ground surface or in the bottom of the sea. Today, many of the postwar landscapes are the result of natural ecological succession, while others, after an appropriate landscape design, present touristic and educational interest. Tourism in the postwar landscapes can be considered as cultural tourism, appealing mainly to tourists-pilgrims. Thessaloniki, during its long history, has been a field of military operations. Some of them, especially the most recent ones, have left their remnants on the surrounding forest landscape. During the First World War, the allied powers (Entente) for example, built various infrastructures such as trenches, concrete fortifications etc. Many of these installations, despite their deterioration over time, can still be seen today. The postwar landscape in the periurban forest of Thessaloniki has partially recovered. However, heavy constructions remain in their original place and can be a pole of attraction for visitors. This paper recommends two paths, 2,500 m and 2,200 m long respectively, connecting visible elements from the First World War, which are located in the northeastern part of the periurban forest of Thessaloniki. These paths can connect a military cemetery, with four cylindrical concrete fortifications (pill boxes) of this war, scattered in the forest. In this cemetery soldiers of the Commonwealth Nations have been buried, during the War. This postwar landscape could contribute to the development of battlefield tourism or tourism related to the postwar landscapes and it can also be used in the implementation of relevant environmental education programs. Postwar landscapes require very careful planning and proper management in order to be functional and effective.

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Aphrodite Tsiouri
[email protected] (Primary Contact)
Tsiouri, A. (2023). Postwar Remnants in the Periurban Forest of Thessaloniki, Greece: A Two Paths Proposal for Tourism and Environmental Education. The Academic Research Community Publication, 7(2), 11–19.

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