Policies, Strategies, and Mechanisms of New Cities in Egypt

Esraa Osama Salem, Miran essam Monir

The need to establish new cities emerged in the seventies of the last century in Egypt. The necessity emerged because of different reasons such as decreasing te pressure on greater cities and their infrastructure, creating new investments and job opportunities. Furthermore, it aimed to the rarefaction of the concentration of inhabitants around the narrow side of the Nile valley and its Delta. It even moved towards the vast desert in order to redraw the urban map of Egypt.

So, the success of these new cities is measured by how much people they attract to settle and their input to local income according to general policies and goals which could be achieved through several strategies and mechanisms.

Therefore, this research tries to discuss different policies in order to develop new cites, in particular, in addition to the efficient strategies and mechanisms which are necessary to decrease the consumption of resources and to achieve maximum benefits out of the available potentials.


Policies, Strategies, Mechanisms, New cities, Development.


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