Heritage as a Key Element of Cities and Destinations Branding

Kareem Nabil Hammouda

Today, in a globalized connected world, Nations, cities, destinations are in a continuous competition with international rivals to define their place and value among others. It’s no longer valid for cities to stand still in such competition, depending on their basic momentum of their resources to position themselves in such global contest. Branding is an essential part of the economic sustainable development of a city and marketing it as a destination for tourism.

Heritage plays a central role in creating destination brand, as heritage, with its tangible and intangible qualities is a prime factor in brand creation. This paper will be discussing the role of the heritage in its brand creation in its symbolic and identity inherits. This will be executed by exploring the definitions and strategies of destination branding, its elements and means to create such brand and the contemporary means the heritage is presented on the online space.

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