The Environmental and Economical Impacts of Using Media Façades in Commercial Buildings in Egypt

Amal Abdou (1), Iman Gawad (2), Yasmine ElTouny (3)
(1) Head of Architectural Department, Faculty of Fine arts, Helwan University, Egypt, Egypt,
(2) Associate Professor, Faculty of Fine arts, Helwan University, Egypt, Egypt,
(3) Architect, Meamar El-morshedy, Cairo, Egypt, Egypt


Media façades is a subdivision of urban computing integrating digital displays into buildings, including structures and road furniture. It is frequently connected with over dimensional screens and vivified, lit up publicizing, and places like Times Square. The façade is dematerialized and transformed into one immense promoting medium for sending messages. Media façades can bring out the most assorted feelings, from a major city feeling to disturbance at light contamination. They are likewise seen as Pop Art or as blemishes. Design tends to utilize media façades increasingly as a stylistic component. What used to be added to exteriors after the enhanced building development in the method for a flaw is currently a part of the design procedure and offers new extension for visionary outline which is authored to the term 'Mediatecture'.
This research identifies the impact of using media façades on commercial buildings environmentally and economically. In addition to that, experimental design cases of interactive building façades will be discussed and a SWOT analysis will be analyzed to exemplify the challenges and discuss how they may be addressed. Also, the examples are presented to demonstrate how to work with the difficulties inalienable in media façade design forms taking into account the formation of different proposals for a media façade on current public and new buildings in Egypt.

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Amal Abdou
Iman Gawad
[email protected] (Primary Contact)
Yasmine ElTouny
Abdou, A., Gawad, I., & ElTouny, Y. (2017). The Environmental and Economical Impacts of Using Media Façades in Commercial Buildings in Egypt. Environmental Science & Sustainable Development, 2(1), 1–15.

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Received 2017-06-29
Accepted 2017-06-29
Published 2017-06-30