Vol 2, issue #1 (2018): Urban Planning and Transport

This issue addresses a variety of urban issues that came to exist as a result of urban development, a phenomenon that has led to the deterioration of the environment and has also worsened the problems faced by rural areas. Taking into consideration the interaction between different regions and developing new methodologies for monitoring, planning, and implementing novel strategies, the authors of this issues have presented various solutions to problems concerning urban planning and transportation.

Vol 2, issue #2 (2018): Cultural Sustainable Tourism

This issue is a culmination of combined written versions of most of the contributions presented during the international conference on Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST) that was held in Thessaloniki, Greece. Covering diverse topics ranging from art, culture and heritage to sustainable development and environmental management, this issue gives a comprehensive outlook on the major environmental problems taking place and the different ways to efficiently mitigate them.

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