Urban Regeneration as an Approach for Rehabilitating the Two Entrance Region of Alexandria City

Walaa El Sayed Yoseph (1)
(1) Architecture Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, Egypt, Egypt


Over the last four decades, the urban formation of Alexandria City's two entrance regions has changed from natural agricultural farmlands to informal urbanized areas that have different uses. The urban regeneration is an approach for restructuring the urban informal areas by providing radical changes which depends on the origins of the social and economic formation of the informal areas. This process is based on the contemporary urban design principles that helps in analyzing the formation of urbanization based growth and stating the required principles for a rehabilitation process, since the traditional methods by demolishing and replacing mostly failed to cope with the continuously rising social and economic changes in the areas. This approach considers the distorted growth by urbanization or urban sprawl as a required social and economic guidance in regenerating informal areas. The paper attempts to analyze the potentials behind the urban distortion by the ongoing urbanization process in the region. It was found that the social formation and economic creations in the areas are the basis for creating an optimal urban pattern. It aims to assist with the emergence of academic disciplines that effectively regenerated a comprehensive framework to continuously manage the urban growth for generations to come.

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Walaa El Sayed Yoseph
[email protected] (Primary Contact)
Author Biography

Walaa El Sayed Yoseph, Architecture Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, Egypt

Architecture Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, Egypt
Yoseph, W. E. S. (2017). Urban Regeneration as an Approach for Rehabilitating the Two Entrance Region of Alexandria City. Environmental Science & Sustainable Development, 2(1), 52–66. https://doi.org/10.21625/essd.v2i1.89

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Received 2017-06-30
Accepted 2017-06-30
Published 2017-06-30