Soot Emission Analysis in Combustion of Biogas Diesel Dual Fuel Engine

Bui Van Ga (1), Bui Thi Minh Tu (2)
(1) Danang University of Science and Technology, Viet Nam, Viet Nam,
(2) Department of Electronic and Telecommunication, Danang University of Science and Technology, Viet Nam, Viet Nam


Soot emission in bio-gas diesel dual fuel engine has been analyzed by numerical simulation with 2-stape soot formation model of Magnussen. The result shows that soot formation mainly occurred in diffusion combustion phase of diesel pilot jet. Soot peak value is proportional to the first peak value of ROHR, and is found at around the same crank angle position with the second peak of ROHR. At a given engine speed and diesel content in the fuel, the highest soot peak value is obtained with slightly rich mixture whereas soot concentration in exhaust gas increases monotonically with increasing equivalence ratio. Increasing diesel content in the fuel increases both soot peak value and soot concentration in exhaust gas. At a given equivalence ratio and diesel content in the fuel, engine speed has a moderate effect on soot formation rate but a significant effect on soot combustion rate. Soot concentration in the exhaust gas practically vanished as equivalence ratio under 0.98 and 15% diesel content in the fuel. This is the ideal operation regime of bio-gas diesel dual fuel engine in view of soot emission control.

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Bui Van Ga
[email protected] (Primary Contact)
Bui Thi Minh Tu
Ga, B. V., & Tu, B. T. M. (2017). Soot Emission Analysis in Combustion of Biogas Diesel Dual Fuel Engine. Environmental Science & Sustainable Development, 2(1), 67–79.

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Received 2017-02-18
Accepted 2017-06-17
Published 2017-06-30