Architectural Practicing in the Era of Globalization. (Saudi Market as a Case Study)

Ahmed Mohamed Shehata, Ibraheem N. A. Al-Bukhari

In the era of free trade and open markets, international consultant firms started to take over the local markets. Local graduates are required to acquire certain skills and knowledge to compete in their local markets with the international graduates. Local architectural teaching institutes are required to equip their graduates with the needed skills and knowledge. Gulf construction and design market are one of the biggest markets in the world. Saudi Arabia, with its 646.44 billion Dollar GDB, considered as the biggest market in the Gulf area. The Saudi vision of 2030 concentrates on economical sustainability and developing citizens. In this regard, this research investigates the competitiveness of the Saudi educational outputs in the era of globalization and open markets. To achieve its objectives, the research analyzes the different scopes of practicing architecture specially in the design consultation field. International design firms working in the GCC counties and their required skills for positions were presented and analyzed. Moreover, educational architectural curriculums were investigated and tested against the required skills by international firms. The paper concluded with suggestions regarding to architectural programs and their curriculums that will enable Saudi graduates to fulfill the international consultation market required qualifications and skills.


Saudi 2030 vision – Educational outputs – Architectural practice – competitiveness


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