Current Issue

Vol. 2 No. 3 (2019)
Published November 12, 2019
Proceedings of the International Conference on Utopian & Sacred Architecture Studies (USAS)

This issue includes the first version of the international Conference on Utopian & Sacred Architecture Studies (USAS) was held from 11 -13 June 2019 in association with Universita degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli. The conference included many discussions that covered extremely important topics and presented theories and practices stimulated over the last five centuries in a wide range of scientific areas such as historiography, political science as well as literary and art studies. 


  1. Utopia and religious and spiritual architecture
  2. Historical influence of ancient cities on new life
  3. Reconstruction of old theological buildings
  4. Utopian views for the future of cities: beyond sustainability
  5. Art, life, and prefiguration: stories of contemporary art and intentional communities
  6. Sacred spaces: opportunities for promoting social inclusion and diversity
  7. Fictional spaces and imagery places: the language of built space
  8. Religion enquiry in art & architecture

Research Papers

Takushinova Bella
1 - 5
Parsuna – the first secular representation of the traditional Russian icon
Cesare Crova
6 - 11
Giuseppe Zander restorer. The methodological approach to the conservation project
Claudia Cennamo, Concetta Cusano
12 - 19
The role of geometry on stability of large domes: Roman Pantheon as cultural emblem and constructive reference
Claudia De Biase, Bianca Petrella
20 - 30
Residential neighbourhoods: utopia and sustainability
Claudio Gambardella, Valentina Sapio
31 - 38
Votive altars: domestic signals to inhabit the Sacred
Daniela Concas
39 - 45
Liturgical renovation of modern churches in Rome (Italy)
Elena Manzo
46 - 51
Sacred Architecture in the Neapolitan Baroque Era. Space, Decorations, and Allegories
Francesca Castanò
52 - 57
The Charterhouse of St. Lorenzo in Padula, an ideal mystical city of modern Campania
Francesco M. Cardarelli
58 - 64
The ‘tamed’ mountains: from terrifying and uninhabited environments to places of the soul and religious spaces
Giulia Ceriani Sebregondi
65 - 70
“Ars sine scientia” or rather “Ars sine geometria”? The debate of 1400 on the elevation of Milan cathedral
Luca Izzo
71 - 75
Innovative methods of the representation: in painting, in sculpture and in cinematographic direction
Maria Fernanda García Marino
76 - 82
Carthusian symbolism in Architecture and Art: San Lorenzo of Padula
Marina D'Aprile
83 - 89
Materiality and Immateriality of neglected historical churches: preservation and adaptive reuse
Olimpia Niglio, Luigi Guerriero
90 - 95
Sacred places: spaces for a dialogue among cultures
Raffaela Fiorillo
96 - 101
The "Holy Houses" of the SS. Annunziata in Terra di Lavoro.
Laffi Roberta, Sibilio Sergio, Scorpio Michelangelo, Ciampi Giovanni, Rosato Antonio, Yorgos Spanodimitriou
102 - 112
The lighting refurbishment of places of worship: The case study of the Church of “Santa Maria di Piedigrotta”
Luigi Maffei, Massimiliano Masullo, Roxana Adina Toma, Danila Jacazzi
114 - 118
The role of cloisters in historical cities
Vincenzo Cirillo
119 - 123
Visual culture in the sacred spaces figurative representation. The Duccio di Buoninsegna’s Majesty cycle of stories
Yonca Yilmaz, Mine Tanaç Zeren
124 - 129
The Responses Of Antakya (Antioch) Churches To Cultural Shifts
ZHANG Junjun, HU Xinyi, ZHANG Hong
130 - 135
Application and Analysis of Axial Symmetry in Sacred Architecture
Zorana Sokol Gojnik, Igor Gojnik
136 - 140
Space as Symbol in Sacred Architecture. The Problem of Christian Sacred Architecture
Aurosa Alison, Gioconda Cafiero
141 - 146
L’Esprit du Sacré: Le Corbusier and the necessary Utopia of Sainte Marie de La Tourette
Bahar Gokcen Kumsar
147 - 153
Homogeneous / Heterogeneous Structure and Forms of Dialectics
Ornella Zerlenga
154 - 159
Renewed spirituality in cloistered architecture in Naples
Mariateresa Guadagnuolo, Giorgio Frunzio, Michelina Monaco, Anna Tafuro
160 - 164
Pozzolanic Mortars for Restoration of Sacred Tuff Masonry Structures
Mariateresa Guadagnuolo, Giuseppe Faella, Marianna Aurilio, Mariano Nuzzo
165 - 170
The Conservation of Sixteenth Century Church Santa Maria of Montedecoro in Maddaloni
Alice Palmieri
171 - 176
The Wheel and the Cloister in the Rule of Seclusion: Architectural Elements or Elements of a Communication System?
Roberta Maria Dal Mas
177 - 183
The Churches of San Gregorio Barbarigo and Santi Martiri dell’Uganda in Rome
Xiaowen Wu, Claudio Gambardella
184 - 193
Religions Culture Sharps the Space
M. SAOUANE Mohamed Boudiafe, Mme .ZEGHICHI Sarra
194 - 201
The Impact of the Religious Dimension as Building, Urban Fabric and the Social Behavior of the Population
Francesco Costanzo, Gaspare Oliva
202 - 209
The Sacred Freespace
Michel-Masafumi Ikeda
210 - 222
The Vision of Paradise for People in Difficulties: The Solution Shown by a Russian Architect
Ceren Severoğlu, Hümeyra Birol Akkurt
223 - 230
Rethinking the Meaning of Transformed Historic Environment Through the Non-Muslim Religious Structures of Izmir
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