How do I submit my Article?

To submit your article, you can easily do so using our Online Submission system after having created an account on IERKE Press for a safe and speedy revision process.


Can I publish my manuscript in Open Access?

Yes, the Resourceedings journal publishes its content in open access.


Where can I find instructions on the proper structure of a research article?

To find instructions on how to properly write your article, find the “Prepare to begin” downloadable pdf tab to find information on the templates to be used, the contents of an abstract, and the structure of a research paper.


How long does the peer-review process take?

The peer-review process can take up to three months and depends on the scientific committee of reviewers.


Is there a specific format of citation to be used?

Yes. The correct format of citation to be used for this journal is MLA format. For more information, please download our Author Instructions Template or email us at [email protected]


What is the maximum number of pages to include in a submitted article?

An article’s number of pages can range from 12-15 pages.


Is there a maximum number of Authors to be contribute in one research paper?

No. There does not exist a maximum number of authors. However, Do Authors receive an acceptance letter for a submitted Article? Yes, upon request.


Is the Resourceedings journal Indexed?

Yes, check the journal indexing tab in the main menu for more information.


How Does IEREK Press increase the visibility of my research article?

By indexing and depositing all published articles in academic databases such as Academia, publons, bibsonomy etc.


Do I Pay the publication fees before or after my online submission?

Payment should be completed before online submissions.


If my paper is rejected, do I get a refund?

No. A submission fee is non-refundable. However, if you have already completed full payment for publication, it will be refunded in full.