The Conservation of Sixteenth Century Church Santa Maria of Montedecoro in Maddaloni

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Mariateresa Guadagnuolo
Giuseppe Faella
Marianna Aurilio
Mariano Nuzzo


Santa Maria of Montedecoro is a sacral complex located in Maddaloni, in the south of Italy, and is one of the most important historical monuments of the city. Built in the sixteenth century, the monastic organism consists of an aggregate structure, including the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the bell tower which is set back from the church, the sacristy, the parsonage. This paper concerns the analysis of all the degradation phenomena identified in the complex, due to both its deterioration state and structural damage. Particular attention is placed on the bell tower that shows different degradation of the surfaces, with large erosions and fallen plasters. The masonry structure, notably compromised, shows several cracks due to the rotation of the tower towards the street. Because of such damage phenomena, a preliminary investigative research was performed to understand the effective conservation state of the Church and its appurtenances. The obtained diagnostic survey data confirm the hypotheses advanced in the cognitive phase and have provided all the necessary elements for the restoration and retrofitting design. This paper presents the restoration design and the results of the seismic analyses carried out on the bell tower.

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