The Impact of the Modern Egyptian City on Egyptian Contemporary Painting: A Comparative Analysis of Five Contemporary Egyptian Models

Marwa Mohammed Shazly

The view of the outside scene of one of the cities in the painting is an expression mainly used about history and identity. It also expresses the last imagination and prophecy of the future. Not Just an embodiment of the scene in the street or part of a building or a temple in the picture, but it is a reflection of the identity of the people in all its elements.

The search is a selective study of a group of contemporary Egyptian artists who dealt with the theme "landscape" of contemporary photography in Egypt is: Fathi Afifi, Chant Avedissian, Mohamed Abla, Amr Kafrawy and Mona Marzouk.

This paper deals with the impact of the modern Egyptian city of the contemporary Egyptian imaging through following five artists with different ages, educational backgrounds and methods of modern processors and contemporary paintings.


Painting, Contemporary, The City , The Scene, Identity, Civilization


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