Net Zero Transformation of Buildings with Gamification and Sustainability Performance Monitoring System

Vinod Bjlani (1)
(1) AI and Data Science Practice Lead – APAC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Melbourne, Australia , Australia


Today’s digitally hyperconnected world, inching closer to mid-century climate-concern goals, is engaged in accomplishing sustainability targets. Industry and infrastructure have become as central to climate action as they have traditionally been to economic growth and social development. Commercial and public buildings in Smart cities contribute significantly to such progress. However, buildings also carry a negative impact on the environment and society, contributing through pollution, depletion of resources, carbon emissions, and high energy consumption. This paper describes the criticality of a sustainability performance information platform that brings together all the aspects of a sustainable building’s social, economic, and environmental qualities through intelligent management and operations. The author extends his belief in multi-dimensional sustainability by emphasizing the importance of people-participation through behavioral change and persuasive design in clean building technology to bring about a change for good. This paper is an attempt at a framework that will lead to greater collaborative efforts towards more intelligent, sustainable cities with interoperable green buildings.

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Vinod Bjlani
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